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      Our outfits, however outstanding, are usually hidden under the overcoats. And when we think ‘overcoat’, we imagine serious, classic dark colours. There is nothing wrong with this item of clothing, but how about bringing the outstanding out?

      Vivid hues, unusual patterns and joyful looks – all represented by a coat or a jacket? Why not! Here at Dunedin Cashmere, we proudly present you with our collection of women’s coats and jackets.

      Our shop offers a wide selection of spring and winter coats made of pure wool too. Wear the colourful Joules coats and jackets to spread the joy on gloomy and chilly days or choose more toned yet eye-catching Harris Tweed coats and jackets. With the variety of patterns and hues available, all of our ladies coats and jackets can be easily combined with both elegant and casual garments.

      Fashion coats and jackets will always be an essential part of an outfit for cold autumns, snowy winters and chilly springs. With our range including clothes made by big-name brands like Aigle and Harris Tweed, you are guaranteed quality materials, exciting designs and timeless, well-fitted cuts with every purchase.

      You will love our coats and jackets and, in return, they will let you spend happy years in woollen warmth and brilliant colours. Buy yours online today — don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter by clicking the ‘newsletter’ button below to receive a 10% discount code.