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      There isn’t a better friend in the world of women’s accessories than a handbag. Ladies handbags are iconic, practical, capacious and stylish all at once. Here at Dunedin Cashmere, we offer a wide selection of women’s bags, in tote, cross body, shoulder, satchel and clutch designs.

      When choosing the design best for you, be sure to browse our collection of bags with Heritage Of Scotland tartan patterns. A distinctive check can become a Scottish accent incorporated into most outfits.

      Ladies Glen Appin handbags, meanwhile, belong to the wide variety of bags which are made of one of the most desirable wool textiles in the world — Harris Tweed. It is produced in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and is a part of Scottish heritage. Glen Appin bags are a fantastic choice for those who wish to combine practicality and durability and have it all wrapped in style.

      Browse our entire range of women’s handbags to find yourself an elegant companion who will carry and protect your essentials, who will become an integral part of your outfit and who will never let you down with its timeless design. Once you find your ideal design, complete a purchase online and we’ll provide you with free UK delivery on orders over £50.