Women's Jumpers

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      Let Dunedin Cashmere introduce you to a fine selection of women’s jumpers, which includes pure cashmere, merino wool, and lambswool jumpers. There are necklines like the crew neck, v-neck, polo neck to choose from too, as well as patterns such as plain, argyle, and cable from one of the most renowned Scottish knitwear manufacturers.

      Brands like Dunedin Cashmere, John Laing, and Hawick Knitwear guarantee the highest quality of materials and tremendous satisfaction from wearing such a simple garment as a jumper.

      Every woman deserves a warm and soft cashmere treat, seeing as though cashmere is one of the world’s rarest and most valuable fibres, which is combed twice a year from the fleece of the cashmere goat. Cashmere is highly prized by textile and knitwear producers for its softness and long-lasting quality.

      Delve into the wide choice of ladies jumpers that we have available, as well as our range of cardigans, as we are sure to have something for even the most demanding of women. Allow Dunedin Cashmere to impress you with our richness of colours and patterns, as cashmere is luxury women deserve.

      Buy your women’s jumpers online now and to enhance the cashmere experience, also browse through our collection of scarves that will complement your outfit perfectly.