Men's Jumpers

174 products

174 products

A man's wardrobe cannot be complete without some decent men’s jumpers. Fortunately, here at Dunedin Cashmere, we have a great variety of men’s knitwear to perfectly suit your needs.

Start your adventure by choosing quality materials like cashmere, lambswool, wool blend, or merino wool. Then pick the most suitable neckline: crew neck, v-neck, or roll neck. Finally, decide upon the pattern, where the choice is plain, argyle, or textured. You will now have your perfect match.

Receive peace of mind that our jumpers for men come from some of the most renowned Scottish manufacturers, such as Peter Scott, Hawick Knitwear, and Lona Scott — each has a long history of creating only outstanding high-quality products. Their speciality is also cashmere, which is one of the world’s rarest and most valuable fibres, which is combed twice a year from the fleece of the cashmere goat.

Dunedin Cashmere men’s jumpers are perfect for every occasion, no matter how casual or smart your outfit is, so buy yours online today. As they will ideally match with one of our scarves to enhance your distinguished looks, be sure to check them out too before heading to the checkout.