Women's Capes & Ponchos

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      If you thought there is no alternative to a coat, take a look at Dunedin Cashmere's fantastic selection of women's capes and ponchos. A cape is a loose piece of clothing without sleeves that can be worn instead of a jacket or coat. It can also be used as an additional layer to keep you warm. We offer you a wide range of colours, patterns, lengths and materials when it comes to the capes and ponchos seen above. Long and short capes come in different tartans in cashmere or lambswool variety.

      Cashmere is one of the world's rarest and valuable fibres, which is combed twice a year from the fleece of the cashmere goat. It is highly prized by textile and knitwear producers for its softness and long-lasting quality. Thus, a cashmere cape will provide weightless warmth and a fantastic look on chilly days. Lambswool, meanwhile, is renowned for great softness, endurance and is used in high-grade textiles.

      The ladies capes and ponchos that we have available are excellent whatever the occasion. If you are not sure whether you feel like wearing one styled in a tartan or a plain colour though, Dunedin Cashmere has a perfect solution – the reversible cape. Made of wool, a reversible cape guarantees comfort, warmth and elegant looks. Tartan, plain, cashmere, lambswool or reversible cape – whichever you choose, you’ll look great.