Men's Cashmere Slipovers


      Sometimes, men need to feel comfortable with a touch of elegance. When that time comes, Dunedin Cashmere offers a range of men’s slipovers, which easily combine casual and smart styles.

      Choose from a variety of plain colours, which will easily blend with jeans, smart trousers, shirts and jackets. We also have Argyle patterns, which are fantastic for those who prefer to combine the cashmere slipover with many garments and don’t like being limited to one colour! There is also the advantage that Argyle patterns, as well as cashmere, are strongly connected with Scottish heritage!

      Our slipovers for men are made of cashmere, which is one of the world’s rarest and most valuable fibres. Cashmere is highly prized by textile and knitwear producers for its softness and the long-lasting quality it provides.

      The men’s slipovers Dunedin Cashmere offer are made from the likes of Hawick Knitwear and Dunedin Cashmere, which are famous for the excellent quality of their cashmere products.

      When it comes to a classic look and long-lasting quality, there is no better choice than a cashmere slipover. Browse the collection below for a comfortable, stylish look.