Blanket - Staycation Essential

After a year of being stuck at home, it is time to brave the elements and face the great outdoors.
Staycations are replacing vacations and with that brings the joy of meeting up with friends and family for picnics, barbecues, and al fresco dining.

All of these occasions need one essential requirement - a luxury tartan blanket.
Whether your choice is beautifully crafted cashmere, cashmere blend, or a sumptuous soft lambswool or thick wool, this cosy accessory will be with you for many years to come.


For staycations, wrap yourself up in a blanket hug on a chilly morning.

The ultimate accessory for all fresco dining

The perfect base for a country picnic with family and friends

The perfect pebble cover for a day at the beach

A cosy warm snuggle for man's best friend

Finally, inject a little bit of Scottish flair into your home interiors.

Your blanket choice is endless at Dunedin Cashmere, with a stunning range of colours, tartans and checks.

All we need now is a dry day and a little sunshine!

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