Women's Socks

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      Have you ever imagined what you would wear if there wasn’t women’s hosiery like those available here at Dunedin Cashmere? Probably not, but if the fashion evolution had accidentally overlooked the socks, people could have got cold feet.

      An item so simple in their designs, often chosen as a background to an everyday outfit, ladies' hosiery can play the leading part in the morning drama where you scream out: ‘I have nothing to wear’. Socks are no longer the subject of the dilemma ‘to wear or not to wear’ but more the decision of choosing which ones.

      Whether you wish to keep them plain or argyle, patterned or funky, Avoca and Pringle socks are sure to meet your requirements. Browse through a symphony of colours below to find everything from monochromes to lively pinks and reds. Enjoy the variety of materials we have available too, like cotton, wool, bamboo, nylon or knitted socks. Match Avoca and Pringle women's hosiery to your beloved shoes and find your favourites among knee-high hosiery, ankle and boot socks.

      With the richness of colours, patterns and lengths, pick the socks which will stand out from the toned outfit or the ones that blend in and ensure discreet comfort to your feet. No matter the mood or preference, give our socks a chance by purchasing your women’s hosiery online today.